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Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is the recommended ongoing treatment to manage and control periodontal disease. In this procedure, plaque, tartar/calculus and bacterial toxins are removed from root surfaces below AND above the gumline. Also, at these maintenance visits, the patient receives extensive home care instructions and evaluations to reduce disease progression and maintenance. The goal is to prevent further progression of periodontal disease, prevent tooth loss and avoid surgical intervention. Once a patient receives treatment for periodontal disease (Scaling and Root Planing) and the infection is under control, continuous periodontal maintenance should be performed to maintain gum and bone health. Patients with periodontal disease can expect to have periodontal evaluations (probing) done at more frequent intervals than a prophylaxis to keep track of their periodontal status. The frequency of periodontal maintenance will be recommended by your dental hygienist based upon your periodontal condition, often a 3-4 month interval. Periodontal maintenance procedures are scheduled for 1 hour.

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