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What is a Crown?
A crown (also called a cap) is a man-made cover that protects the top of a tooth. It may be used to restore and preserve a decayed, broken, or cracked tooth. Crowns can also correct some cosmetic tooth problems, giving you a better smile.

Metal Crown
This crown is made of gold or other metals. It is very strong and won’t break. Because this type isn’t tooth-colored, it may not be the best choice for a front tooth.

Tooth-colored Crown
A tooth-colored crown is made of porcelain or reinforced resin. It comes in a range of shades to blend with your other teeth. This type of crown may be more likely to chip than a metal crown.

Combination Crown
Porcelain is fused on top of metal, making this crown appear tooth-colored. The metal at its base makes the crown stronger than a porcelain or resin crown. But it is not as strong as a metal crown.

The Future of Crowns
In the future, crowns will be made in the office and delivered immediately.

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