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A dental implant is much like a natural tooth, which has a root in your jawbone, topped by a crown that you can see. When you need an implant, the oral surgeon inserts a metal post beneath your gum and into the bone. It fuses to the bone in your jaw and acts like the root of a tooth. Then Dr. Cook makes a replacement crown on the metal post, designed to blend in with the way your own teeth look and feel. Dental implants also can be used to anchor dentures.

Removable Partial Dentures
It is important to replace missing teeth if you want to keep a healthy smile. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can shift into the missing spaces and become crooked. It is harder to clean crooked teeth. This can lead to tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

A removable partial denture may be a solution to replace your missing teeth. A removable partial denture will improve your ability to chew food well, which often is difficult with missing teeth. Removable partial dentures also can help you speak better if your speech has changed due to missing teeth. Removable partial dentures can support cheeks and lips so the face does not sag and make you look older.

Removable partial dentures usually have replacement teeth fixed to a plastic base that closely matches the color of your gums. A metal framework connects the teeth and the base. They may attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps. If you don’t like the metal clasps, tooth-colored ones are another option.

In special cases, Dr. Cook may build a part called a precision attachment into the crown (a “cap” that covers the tooth). This attaches the denture directly to the surrounding teeth. With our without precision attachments, crowns on your natural teeth may improve the way a removable partial denture fits your mouth. Ask Dr. Cook which kind of removable partial denture is right for you.

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